Master Scientific Illustration

Live presentation

Our students and teachers are there to talk about the study programme and answer all your questions. Don't hesitate to join Saturday 12 February at:

Live presentation: Maastricht Institute of Arts [in Dutch]

Edwin Jacobs, dean of Maastricht Institute of Arts, talks about the institute in Dutch Saturday 12 February at: 


Take a look at some of the artwork from our students in this album on Flickr.

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Check out our workshops

Our students spend a lot of time in the workshops, just like today. That's why we have 6 livestreams for you. Take a look 'behind the screens' on how we make the chat sessions possible. Or look around in the other workshops where our students work with for example wood, ceramics and metal. 

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Are you in doubt or looking for something else? The following study programmes might also be a great match. Or check all programmes at Maastricht Institute of Arts: 

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We're telling you a lot today. So talk about it over the next few days with your parents, your friends or your mentor. This will confirm that you are making the right choice or will show you other possibilities. Would you rather talk to someone from Zuyd about your study choice? Then email our study advisor at

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