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Live presentation: Maastricht Institute of Arts [in Dutch]

Edwin Jacobs, dean of Maastricht Institute of Arts, talks about the institute in Dutch Saturday 12 February at: 

Check out our workshops

Our students spend a lot of time in the workshops, just like today. That's why we have 6 livestreams for you. Take a look 'behind the screens' on how we make the chat sessions possible. Or look around in the other workshops where our students work with for example wood, ceramics and metal. 

Take a look at the work of our students

Mapping the City of Genk

A group of six second year students is researching the city of Genk – Belgium from a societal, historical, geographical, philosophical, poetic and cultural perspective.

To the website of Mapping the City


Our first year students have created an online exhibition. On this website you will find links to everyone's individual projects. On Instagram you can find a preview of all their work in one place.

Input/Output website

Some examples of graduation work 2020

The Covid-19 Collection

The Covid-19 Collection is a collection of art pieces that were made to tell stories. They are a small part in the representation of the stories that we will be telling to future generations about the Corona era. Approach it as a virtual gallery, where you can explore the stories that are all a part of the collective reality of quarantine we are living through at the moment. This online space is where the elements of this project come together.

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The Map of the Unheard Unseen

During the last century, we humans have created electronic technology for all sorts of appliances. We surround us with these technologies every day. With the creation of technology, we have, as a byproduct, created a whole hidden world of electromagnetic-fields. Graduate Ruben Bass wants to show parts of this world, which, as we can not normally perceive it, almost seems like a parallel dimension.

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The Institution

The Institution, a movement of artists & activists engaged in deconstructing disability, is  conceived and driven by artist Torgeir Riise, and aims to combat stigma while helping shape a more diverse and inclusive society where individual disabilities cease to exist. We use artistic interventions and actions appropriately coined as experimental social services in public space to challenge and expose ableist bias.

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This is what our graduates say...

Tessa Frings, Germany

I came to iArts straight out of high school. I was 17 and didn’t really know what I wanted to do with my life. But I had always been doing all kinds of arts, while still being interested in the sciences, so iArts was a really good fit. Its internationality and small groups ended up convincing me to join. iArts has taught me skills and knowledge that I am convinced I would not have been able to acquire anywhere else!

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